About us in English

Kiwitalk English Services is a learning environment created for goal-orientated adults.

Private tutelage is our students preferred choice of classroom-based services, however small group lessons are also available.

During regular level-checks held for new students to determine their strengths and weaknesses, the students individual requirements, goals and any additional input is recorded to aid in the lesson planning process.

We believe the key to success when speaking any second language is a strong grammatical base. When during a level check, it is determined the student has little or no ability to recall what was previously learnt back in high school, we offer preparation lessons by an in-house native Japanese speaker specializing in English grammar. These classes help to refresh the memory and prepare new students prior to beginning lessons with a native English speaker. These classes have an additional benefit of putting certain students at ease should nervousness be an issue.


Additional and equally important components of our business include online: Copy Editing, Rewriting, Voice Recording and Translation services. These services have a strong corporate focus; however, the requirements of private individuals are also welcome and catered to with the same sense of urgency, accuracy and professionalism.